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Enter the tracking number of the shipment provided by Intelcom Tracker for your courier. You will be able to track the status of your courier online by doing so. A pickup and delivery date is provided along with a detailed status and constant update. Real-time updates regarding your shipment will be available to you in a short time. Throughout Canada, this approach of tracking status delivers a customer-centric service.

Intelcom tracking 

Intelcom tracking is a well-known courier transportation firm that has grown in the last ten years by using new innovations that have raised its annual delivery count. Your shipment can be monitored all around the world with the Intelcom tracking service.

Captch Background

We don’t have a lot of long-term or permanent employees at Intelcom. The majority of contractors and drivers are hired for a set period of time. As a result, our clients’ shipments are delivered by independent consultants.

Intelcom Courier Tracking

Intelcom courier tracker is a platform dedicated to on-time delivery and client support whenever and wherever it is required. It has maintained a strong reputation by providing a quick and high-quality service that satisfies clients’ expectations. In a short time, Intelcom courier tracker’s influence has grown to over 200 countries.

Intelcom tracking

What do Intelcom tracking numbers look like?

It’s a pretty quick and easy service to use. Clients are provided an Intelcom tracking number for their cargo so that they can use it as an identity code for their package. The customer is kept up to date on everything from the present position to the estimated delivery time of their shipment.

Intelcom tracking numbers start with INTLCMA in capital letters and then go on to a sequence of numbers like INTLCMA083614368, which you had to type into the search box and then press track.


If you’re worried that you won’t be able to comprehend how to operate the Intelcom tracker, don’t be. We assure you that it is as simple as a piece of cake, with an easy procedure to follow. All you have to do is follow some easy steps.

Enter your shipping code in the box provided and click track. It will take some time for your information to be verified, but once it is, all facts regarding the courier’s location and status will be on the screen in an instant. you can also Contact Us


Intelcome tracking is a courier, logistic, and delivery service based in Canada that was founded in 1986 and now holds a prominent position. Because of its solid reputation and strong customer relationships, it is regarded as a trustworthy firm. We now have about 1500 workers and more than 20 offices across Canada as a result of our exponential development. The Intelcome Express tracker’s primary headquarters are in Montreal, Canada, and it also provides services in the United States.

Intelcom courrier canada inc

Intelcom Courrier Canada Inc, as the name implies, is a Canadian courier and package delivery firm headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. A well-known, fast-growing Canadian e-commerce corporation with an extensive network. Intelcom Courier Canada Inc offers rapid delivery services, with a daily delivery rate of about 400,000 items across Canada.

Furthermore, Intelcom Courier Canada Inc Specialties include shipping based on the weight and size of your parcel, quick delivery service, express package pick-up, and courier. It worked with more advanced and upgraded technology. By contacting customer service, you will receive all types of assistance in resolving your inquiry about Intel come.

Intelcom Courier Canada Inc. Tracking

Intercom Express courier or intercom tracking are all same as  Intelcom Courier Canada Inc. tracking. A logistic delivery business that prioritizes vendor satisfaction and efficient services to keep up with high spike volumes and extend its network.


Intercom Express courier offers a number of premium services, regardless of whether you are shipping in a large range for industrial matters or for individual reasons. Many facilities for import and export are available, with adequate transportation and services. Some of our services are listed below.

  • Online order and notification system.
  • Intelcom shipments can be auto-imported and tracked via an online webpage.
  • Customer support
  • B2B and B2C delivery are available.
  • Delieveries across canada and united state
  • Services at a low costSeamless and on time
  • Integrated built-in API

Intelcom’s delivery procedure?

Shipments are delivered across North America and Canada using Intelcom tracking. All types of items, whether tiny or huge in size and weight, are delivered. These shipments are conveyed by a variety of modes, including marine, land, and air. We arrange transportation for them based on the weight and size of the cargo so that they can get to their specified place quickly. Customers, on the other hand, can follow the Intelcom package at any time and frequent updates on all changes

Is Intelcom’s  delivery expensive?

Intelcom Canada is a logistics service provider that has maintained a reasonable market price. A medium rate, neither too high nor too low. Along with that, there is no fixed price mentioned instead, it varies depending on the scenario. Furthermore, you may trust the word of mouth as our clients have given it positive feedback. Calculating shipping costs using the company’s official website’s price calculator can also assist you in making a decision.


One of the most trustworthy and cost-effective courier services. Secondly, Intelcome Services places a high focus on customer satisfaction. It delivers roughly 4 million parcels per year, demonstrating our success, and we cover nearly 4,000 Canadian cities. It is regarded as one of the best delivery services, having years of experience and a strong business base.

Intelcom Express Inc Contact Details

If you have any questions, contact Intelcom Express Inc at the phone number provided or send us an email. 

Customer Support Phone number: 1 844 370-5096

Contact Email: [email protected]

Fax Number: 514-380-2325

Our customer care staff and operator are available to provide a complete guideline and to assist you.

How intelcom Shipment Update are given ?

Shipment updated by Intelcom tracker is given by customized email and SMS notifications.It continuously give update when shipment left for it destination ,during the process and when t reach it destination. 

ABOUT intelcom customer service

At Intelcom customer service, we have a staff of highly experienced consultants who know how to deal with any query and deliver a relevant answer that leaves our customers delighted. Their guidance, which is based on their own experiences, makes this feasible. All of you are welcome to contact customer care, where our operators are on hand.

Furthermore, customer care is available during the day, so you can contact us at any time and we will respond.

 Intelcom Courier Tracking

Intelcom delivery schedule

If we talk about Intelcom’s working days for shipment delivery, they are most likely Monday through Saturday, which means no deliveries on Sunday. Intelcom operates throughout working hours, which are from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Domestic shipping takes 2-4 days, while global delivery might take up to 15 days approximately.

You may also check the latest shipping status of your shipment on the tracking page for more information, as all vital information is the same as what our operator will advise or tell you about. We also keep our clients up to date by sending them email and SMS notifications.

Some queries regarding shipment

Below are some of the most common questions that people have when it comes to shipping. As a result, we’ve provided you with answers.


Yes You can make changes after the entire process has been completed but only a few alterations such as delivery time and date or sometimes address it depends on different circumstances and scenarios  etc. to do so you must call customer service and provide a tracking number and substitution date 


It is a popular issue and concern among individuals to wonder what they should do if they lose their tracking number. We provided a confirmation email with the shipment number once the courier was delivered to avoid any trouble. Furthermore, your tracking code is available on the merchant’s website where you made your purchase.


It’s possible that you haven’t received any updates on your shipment because of a little delivery delay. The time it takes for a parcel’s movement to be recorded in a tracking system can also be delayed. However, if your item tracking has been unavailable for more than two or three days, there may be delivery issues.Otherwise The Intelcom tracker is updated on a regular basis to ensure that all clients have access to up-to-date information. You may track your shipment at any time and get the most up-to-date location information.


In this instance, you can get in touch with customer service to confirm delivery. You can receive a picture of the delivery confirmation. For further information, you can contact the merchant for a refund or redelivery after receiving complete assurance that your shipment was misplaced or lost in the middle of the process.while it is a cutting-edge tracking system when compared to that of other logistics service providers.


If there is no accurate secure location for the parcel at the specified address, it will be returned to the warehouse. You can contact customer support, or it will be delivered to the receiver the next business day at the specified location.

So that’s all there is to Intelcom tracker, which we’d like to share with you as a reference. Intelcom tracker is now a viable option for your shipment due to its efficient, reliable, time and cost-effective service.

Does Intelcom use Canada Post?

To Answer this question simply Yes because in 2000, Canada Post bought 50% of Intelcom Express’ shares and they use Canada post.

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